Sprinter Van Rental Chicago

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Are you planning to rent a 12- or 15-passenger van for an upcoming group outing? Whether your plans will involve traveling out of the state of Illinois or taking a shorter drive to a destination in the City of Chicago or in the suburbs, the Sprinter Van Rental Chicago options at A-1 are ideal for your small party. We provide a large fleet of new and late model vehicles to choose from depending upon your party and their particular needs.

Certainly, there are multiple advantages to renting a van from our experienced team. Read on to learn more on how one of our comfortable and spacious vehicles is the right choice for your next excursion.

Sprinter Van Rental Chicago

-A versatile solution. Our Sprint Van Rental Chicago options are a good fit for practically any type of group travel. Whether you’re organizing a church trip, a business function, camping field trip, youth group events or simply a big family gathering, you will be particularly pleased with the cargo and passenger space available with these multiple-passenger vehicles.

-Saves money. Rental of a multiple-passenger van instead of caravanning down the road in several cars will actually help save costs for your group. You can simply split all the expenses such as tolls, fuel and rental of the vehicle.

-Less hassle. Having more space for everyone in a group is certainly among the top benefits to Sprinter Van Rental Chicago. With each passenger comfortable, you won’t hear any complaints about the lack of legroom!

-Makes travel more pleasant. Traveling with one another, especially on a road trip, can be an enjoyable way to spend some time with family and friends. Your group will be able to take advantage of the shared drive time with conversations, games or by enjoying audio content over the quality sound system.